Hi everyone – Meghan and Bradly here.

In February, we kind of vanished. It wasn’t intentional – But it did happen.

2023 was a difficult year, but 2024 is starting out to be just as harsh. Between ArchaeoBaby teething and no longer sleeping regularly, our own medical complications and our landlord deciding to sell our home (Yeah, THAT happened as well) – We’ve been a bit spent.

We have taken this time to focus on our mental health and attempt to pull ourselves out of a funk. It didn’t happen very well. But we are still trying.

Once we determine our next steps regarding where we will be living, we will share a new posting schedule and updates. Hopefully, we’ll have this all settled before the end of April – and by then, maybe ArchaeoBaby will gift us more than 5 hours of sleep a night.

In the meantime, we are sorry and hope you all can forgive us for this (Especially the Patrons!). We hope to be back as soon as we can <3


I'm an IT Product Owner who enjoys playing video games, cooking and painting.

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