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This week’s meal is really basic – Almost too basic. Red Beans and Rice. We all of have had it before (At least if you are from North America), but a variation of it existed in the northern American regions, before trade brought the traditional “white” rice from Asia.

Wild Rice, is known for its black appearance and nutty texture. Every bite of it comes with a pop of flavor. Wild Rice is the only rice that originates in the Americas. Specifically from the Great Lakes region, its appearance and growth method varies from each location it’s grown from. Commercially in the United States, it’s grown in rice paddies in areas like Minnesota, though this rice grows along lakes quite well.

This rice is still a core staple to many First Peoples’ cuisine and culture, often appearing in dishes like the Three Sisters Wild Rice Salad.

This allows us to eat a dish that those indigenous to North America would have had access to, without interference of ingredients from colonialization.

This dish allows for an easy vegan, Gluten-free dish, with only 4 ingredients, which could be easily made carnivore with time period friendly additions like: Elk, Moose, Deer, Bison, Turkey, Crab, Clams or Salmon. You can also toss some dried cranberries in with the beans to give it a sweeter, tart flavor and texture, along with adding pumpkin seeds for a crunch.


Meghan’s Review

4 out of 5 stars

Typically, I’m not a fan of bland, but lately, I’ve been craving something simple. This is almost too simple, which is why I didn’t give it a 5 out of 5. I would have loved if we added the cranberries or pumpkin seeds; it will definitely be a change I’ll make going forward.

Brad’s Review

5 out of 5 stars

Beans and rice. What more can I say. It is a staple found around the world now, because it works. I wasn’t expecting the wild rice to have the texture it did. It was kind of like eating rice that had been wrapped in little leaves. I would eat this meal again and again.


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  1. We just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all the hard work and effort you’ve been putting in lately. Keep up the amazing job, you’re doing great!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope to get back on schedule soon – between ArchaeoBaby and illness in our household, I’ve gotten a bit behind. But, I’m excited to share with everyone the newer creations so I’ll be back soon! <3

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