While we continue to fund this campaign, we wanted to provide more context to the cost to just publish to then our stretch goals. When we kicked off this Kickstarter, we knew that our upfront cost was large. This was due to a few key items:

  • By using a professional printer rather than self-printing, we were ensuring quality and opportunities for future distribution. This would allow our cookbook to be accessible, which was always our end-goal. This unfortunately, comes with a larger up-front cost, however, we firmly believe it will be a better product.
  • The ingredients are expensive. I’d like to say that some of the foods we use in our recipes are easy to obtain, but we have found the cost of them to have increased significantly over the last two years. This means as we recreate them for photography, it costs more. 
  • The supplies to produce these recipes can be a bit… weird. Before starting this blog, I never imagined I would need to own an open-fire spit. Or three different types of terracotta pots for cooking in an open fire. However, these recipes, and our goals to be closer to history means we need to cook like our ancestors did. This means we have to have the supplies to do it.
  • People’s time costs. Any time we need to consult with an editor, photographer or researcher, we need to be able to pay them for their time. This means we need to have an amount of money placed aside to do that.

Stretch Goals!

So what happens after we hit the $38,400 CAD ($28,200 USD)? Well, then the real fun begins:

  • Stretch Goal #1 – $50k: If we hit this stretch goal, we will have everyone who backed the Cookbook mentioned in the acknowledgements of the book, along with on our website.
  • Stretch Goal #2 – $70K: If we hit this stretch goal; we will add additional recipes that were not previously planned.


I'm an IT Product Owner who enjoys playing video games, cooking and painting.

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