The cat is out of the bag – After many months of planning, we are going to publish a cookbook for Dining Through Time.

We have loved producing the bi-weekly blog and creating these recipes and we were inspired to give people the ability to have a physical copy, with additional information. We also wanted to provide the reader a deep-dive into food history, based on regions, that could be used for references in your own food history journey.

With this, to ensure we can publish the cookbook, we are launching a Kickstarter on March 1st, 2023, with the end date being April 30th, 2023. The goal is $38,400 CAD – which will meet the initial publishing costs, along with editors, photography and supplies.

What the Dining Through Time cookbook will offer

This cookbook will provide the reader additional information from the website, including:

  • Updated Recipes: Some of the ingredients we used ended up being inaccurate or less than ideal based on time/resources. With this, these recipes will be updated with clear information and made the way they were always supposed to be. (i.e. Soy Sauce vs. Soy Paste war)
  • Never-Before Seen Recipes: We have been researching this for years so we have more up our sleeves than expected. With it, as an owner of the cookbook, you’ll get additional recipes that have never been published online.
  • High Definition Photography: With the new supplies, we will take better, more detailed photos to fully capture the beauty of these dishes.
  • Historically Accurate vs. Best Tasting: Sometimes, history doesn’t taste as great as it could with modern ingredients. In those cases, we plan to provide you substitutions that are not accurate, but sure do taste better.
  • Custom Illustrations and Historical Backgrounds: We will be providing far more detail that could be used for your own research journey. Often, histories of food are on blogs without citations or, they are in white papers that aren’t accessible to the general public. Our goal is to be that source for everyday history-curious foodies.

What you can do to help us?

  • Share the Kickstarter: It’s an ambitious goal. We are hopeful to hit it, but we know without reaching a larger community, it is unlikely. This is where we ask our existing community to share our Kickstarter on social media. Share with friends and family.
  • Share the Press Release: We have produced a Press Release explaining who we are, what the website and cookbook are and how we plan to go forward. We feel as if this one-sheeter will be easy to share with members of the press and allow us to be introduced to a wider audience. If you agree and you have contacts on other blogs or in the media, please share our information with them, and we can provide them our press release.
  • Share this site: Share our site and this blog post with your network. Even if they don’t check out the Kickstarter, you may share our love of food and history with others which is still super cool.


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