Preparing for the Holidays

We have been working on making sure our inventory is ready for the Holidays. From running the printer 24/7, to ordering more wood – We are ready to provide you hand crafted goodies to help you provide unique and interesting Holiday Gifts to all of your friends and family.

With this, we will be providing a 20% off coupon on all products, limited one per customer, from 11/24 through 11/28.

This coupon cannot be combined with any existing coupons, and if you are in Canada, you will receive free shipping on all of our products.

So take a look – Let us know what you think and get orders in early. At Saint Archaeology Co., we mentioned the print timelines to keep in mind with all 3D orders. The restrictions are different with woodworked items, but just understand: We are two humans, not robots.


I'm an IT Product Owner who enjoys playing video games, cooking and painting.

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