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What did we try

This week, we were inspired to bring in new elements for the recipes. Noodles, Bok Choy, implementation of more flavors from the Middle East (Sesame seeds, etc). All of these ingredients would have been present in 1000 c.e. On paper, this recipe sounded easy, tasty and satisfying with limited adaptations. We had decided that basing it off existing recipes for Dan Dan Noodles would be possible.

In reality, it was an inedible dish that looked pretty.

What went wrong?

In the recipe, to make it more timeline accurate, we had to omit chilis. This is due to chili peppers originating from South America, which would have been an additional 500-600 years before the ingredient would make it to China, from trade by the Portuguese and Dutch. We also had to omit an ingredient that would have been timeline friendly, however, Bradly is Epi-Pen-Level allergic to: Star Anise.

With the removal of the chilis, the “Chili” oil was just Sichuan Peppercorns. Which, has a very distinct, numbing flavor that on it’s own, made the dish tongue-numbing.

What do we do from here?

When the recipe completely imploded, I immediately turned to Brad and said “Maybe we don’t post this recipe?”. His answer was nothing less I’d expect from his scientific mind.

We need to show the failures, with the successes, so we can learn from them. Maybe others can help us see what we missed.


Feedback wanted

With that, we are posting the recipe and letting everyone know our feelings on it. BUT, I do ask, if you can see where we went wrong or what ideas you may have to fix it – Let us know. Our goal with this blog has always been education – and not just us providing, but also us receiving. If you have experience with Chinese Cuisine, let us know in the comments how you would fix it and we can guide with research to make sure it could be accurate for the time period.

We may try to do redemption in the future (Probably will not be historically accurate)!


We are omitting reviews this week, because it’s a zero star for the both of us.

Pst – What do you think of the bowls?

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