Introduction to the end of the Persian Empire

Happy Sunday, everyone. We have come to the end of the Persian Empire, with the invasion of Northern India. With that, Persia brought some aspects, but the Northern Indian region had many interesting flavors on their own. We had to do a lot of research on ingredients and it was a fun conversation. Traditionally, we associate Indian culture with things like chilis, tomatoes, potatoes and other food elements with their origins in the Americas.

The history of Khichdi

We have records of the dish, Khichdi, cooked throughout the ages. Though it has variations throughout the different states of India, it is considered to be a comfort, baby or sickness food, due to its texture. The core ingredients throughout the country are simply lentils and rice, with changes to spices, additions of vegetables and in the modern era, chilis.

We know Khichdi was present in records from the 10th to 11th century c.e. Nased on our knowledge of foods that were available to individuals during the time period of the Persian Invasion; it can be postulated that it could have been a common dish during that point in history.

For the recipe, we utilized an existing recipe from Priya Krishna, from her book “Indian(-ish)”, modifying to remove ingredients that would not have been present until colonialism.

Ancient Persian adaptation of Khichdi


Meghan’s Review

3 out of 5 stars

I hate to say this – I wish this could have been better. It was really bland, and would have benefited greatly from aspects that had to be removed (chilis, etc). With this, I feel as if this dish will likely be a 5 once we spice it up for leftovers. But, it being made as history made it; it’s a 3.

Bradly’s Review

2 out of 5 stars

It was exceptionally plain and the large amount of peppercorns was not enough to provide it more flavor.

The roti was nice and filling, sitting heavy in the stomach. Nevertheless, after a couple of hours, I was extremely hungry again. If I was going to make it, regardless of time period, I’d make it exactly how the recipe was.

Noting the lack of Brad

You may have noticed our traditional history segment is missing from this week. This is due to some medical issues that Brad has been going through, that’s had us in-and-out of doctors, hospitals and phone calls with medical professionals for the last two weeks. He’s planning to write up the history portion later this week, so I will add it. But, that’s why you may not see him as involved in upcoming posts. However, feel free to drop him well-wishes and check out what he has been able to do, like his livestreams or Brad’s Labs online.


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