Why the urgency of this post?


This is awkward for us.

What we offer

Over the last few months, the content we’ve produced has increased by 200%. We not only produce recipes and Brad’s Labs, but we’re also doing livestreams, videos of the recipes and being present to others online.

We also decided we needed to launch a store. This store focuses on Archaeology Tools and learning materials, because there is a gap on accessibility to tools that Archaeologist use, for affordable prices.

What’s causing this struggle for us?

But with all of these new things, we’ve been battling things in our personal lives: Brad was in the hospital two weeks ago. Even with the cost not being like it would be in the U.S., it’s a reminder that Brad cannot return to his career and be a field Archaeologist.

We also found out, in the last week, that Brad cannot be an Archaeological Consult in Ontario, without 9 months of fieldwork with a licensed company in Ontario. Because of this, he’s seeing all of this – Saint Archaeology Company and Dining Through Time – his full-time job.

Overall, between the relocation, the hit to Brad’s health and his career, our mental health is being left battered. Our original goal was simply to cover our costs producing everything, but we’re further away from that since ever.

This is where the hard part comes in. We need help.

Cool, How?

  • Support us on Patreon. For $1 CAD a month you can buy us a coffee by becoming a patron. Pst – If you pick “Dining Through Time” as your tier, you’ll get to see DTT exclusive posts – https://www.patreon.com/SaintArchaeologyCo
  • Reshare our content on Social Media. All of our pages have share functions built in. If you’re reading a piece and thought it was great – Share it! It helps us get found by others who would be interested, but it also let’s us know you like what we are doing.
  • Buy from our Shop! Do you love hand-carved home goods? Well, we have them! Check them out in our Shop and if there is something you’d like, that we don’t have – always check-in with us! https://dining-through-time.com/shop/

In Conclusion

We love and appreciate all of you. We are tired and feeling crummy, but we still determined to go forward, but we know we can’t without help.


I'm an IT Product Owner who enjoys playing video games, cooking and painting.

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