Changes are coming

Hi there.

You’ve likely seen over the last few weeks little trickles of change.

A new logo, more ways to interact with us on social and most of all – More, improved content.

When we started this in September 2021, we thought of it as a tiny project. Something we’d start off, post a few recipes and hop back in when we could.

Then, as the year drifted on, and Brad’s symptoms kept him out of work – it made us think – Could we do more?

Upcoming changes

Saint Archaeology Company

We had decided to begin the process to register Brad as a licensed Archaeologist in Ontario. It’s not completed yet, but once it is, we’ll make sure people are aware he’s ready to work on research, lab work and site investigations. In the meantime, we will continue to focus on our collection of fun items we’ve collected over the years, to entice our viewers with more…

Brad’s Labs

Brad has split off his own channel called Brad’s Labs. Here, he will walk people through the history of the people involved in various sites and provide weekly archaeology news.

These are posted weekly, every Monday. Like the videos and subscribe to the channel for more!


Something we’ve noticed over the last few months is the lack of ways for Archaeologist, historians, etc., who are wanting to research together or get help with identification.

Our field can be isolating and overly competitive. We come out of school ready to be a cooperative hive, only to start pointing fingers and suspicious, as soon as we enter graduate school. This is something as a disabled Archaeologist, that’s always bugged me. When others found out I had a disability; rather than working together to find ways I could do my role – it was the immediate reaction to try and convince me I couldn’t do it, so someone else could take my role.

I want to start removing that stigma. With that, we put together a Discord channel, attached to the Patreon. This will allow other Archaeologists to chat through research and identifications, plus talk about any advice we need in our field. Brad’s Labs also has their own, which is a fun community chatting about his weekly videos.

We are a small group and we are only getting smaller each year. It’s time for us to work together, all over the world.

Dining Through Time

Dining Through Time is not omitted from changes either. Going forward, we will also be posting videos to YouTube, spotlighting the recipes and providing more opportunities for live events. We are also taking more time to plan out weeks ahead on individual regions, providing more insight into our madness effort into providing this type of content.

Whenever you have a moment, checkout our latest recipe:

With that, we have a request to all of our readers and followers:

Please support us

As you may have suspected, we are just as impacted as everyone else is by inflation. As something that started as a passion project, it’s quickly bloomed into something interesting. It has allowed us to interact with other Academics, Archaeologists and general foodies.

With this, we have permanently lowered our Patreon cost to just $1 CAD per month. So, 80 cents USD. This will allow us to focus on growing our community and spend more time with others to determine what works and what doesn’t.

It also will allow us to continue buying groceries for the recipes, and interesting food related artifacts/antiques for Brad’s Labs. In turn, we will not only provide you a community, but we will also provide exclusive benefits such as Cook-A-Longs with Brad and I, Q&A’s, behind the scenes, artifact education and archaeological education.

Maybe this interests you, but you aren’t keen on supporting us on a monthly basis: We have a PayPal for one-time donations.

Any donations will provide you a shout-out in our videos.

And finally, if neither option works – Just share our content. Even if you aren’t super keen on what we are doing; you may have friends who are. What we’ve always wanted is to form friendships and a community over this. No one likes just producing content for a void. Help us fill our void.


I'm an IT Product Owner who enjoys playing video games, cooking and painting.

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