Well, hello there.

To get us started, I wanted to provide a brief introduction to everyone to us, and more importantly – Why you should be interested in another blog.

As some people may know, I’m not an archaeologist. I am married to an archaeologist who specializes in Mesolithic Britain and Ireland. We have now lived in 4 countries over the last 6 years, and feel as if we should document our next exciting phase: Blogging about food.

Now, that alone sounds pretty boring. Ready for the hook? We are going to create historically accurate (or close to), recipes throughout history, show how we did it and create media walking you through this. You will also get to see and hear spirited debates and clarifications from our favorite resident nerd letting everyone know that I am mistaken on either A) Pronunciations, B) Timelines or C) Generally everything, because I am not nerd.

So, buckle up and get excited – We are going to be eating a lot of interesting, fascinating dishes from around the world and history – One week at a time.

Want to learn more about us?

You can read our individual bios on the About Page.

Want to Support our mission?

You can always become a Patron! For $1CAD a month, you will enable us to buy the ingredients we need for these recipes and help show support at our hard work. It takes 20 hours a week of prep, writing and cooking to put these together along with producing the YouTube videos and Podcast.


I'm an IT Product Owner who enjoys playing video games, cooking and painting.

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  1. I like this concept. I think it would be interesting to see what tools people used and their methods of preserving food. I hope you have fun doing this.

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